1. I want Refinery to create audio content for my app / game / film, What do I need to do?

Before getting in touch, think about what you want the general atmosphere you want the audio to create and try compile a list. Break it down into categories. For example, if you’re developing a scary first person shooter, ambience is going to be very important. Think about the environments the player will encounter and how you want them to interact with them. Will there be weapons? Different types of monsters? The more information you can provide about your project and details of the sound sources the better. A list with detailed descriptions is highly recommended. If the project is already in production then send across visuals, be it concept art or a functioning application. References to other projects that you feel represent your project are also very useful.

2. I want Refinery to mix my music / audio for my film. What do I need to submit?

We are able to accept audio files in the following formats;

Format: WAV
Sample Size: 16/24 Bit
Sample Rate: 44, 48 or 96 Khz

• Pro Tools Session Folder
• Logic Session Folder
• Cubase Session folder
• Individual WAV audio files

It is very important that;

• You name all audio files/tracks appropriately (E.G Kick 1, Kick 2, Snare…)
• You zero all channels (Pull the faders down on each track).
• Remove any automation.
• Remove any plug-ins or effects.

Making sure that the project you submit is well organised will reduce the time the engineer spends having to establish what goes where and instead can focus more on the quality of the mix. Equally as important is the removal of any effects processing because this will reduce the amount of mixing that can be done.

For cinematic projects you may need to send additional files such as videos or executable files. In most cases for video we require that you send a QUICK TIME .MOV file compressed using H.264 and of a file size no bigger than 500 mega bytes.

3. I really like an existing track that’s in the Refinery music library. Can I use it?

Yes of course, so long as this has not already been purchased by another client under an exclusive license agreement. When purchasing music from our library we usually preparing an agreement between you as the buyer and the artist who produced the music. We offer several none-exclusive rights options and in some cases we can offer the full rights to a piece of music. Pick a song and get in touch.

4. I want Refinery to create original music for my project. Will this be exclusive?

This needs to be determined between the artist and yourself before commencing with the project. Refinery offers two difference license agreements, exclusive and non-exclusive. If you we’re to purchase an exclusive license then this music would not be available to be used for any other projects until that license expires.

Not found the answers you need? Get in touch.